Update – Beta 2.03

Class Balance Fixes
- Warrior's power attack now creates a shockwave that hits multiple foes and travels a short distance; it also blocks enemy projectiles.
- Rogue's power attack now blocks enemy projectiles.
- Warrior, Rogue, and Ranger base damage increased.
- Value of Defense stat increased so that it now absorbs twice as much damage.
- Variable mana costs added so that each class's power attack costs a different amount: Warrior – 20 Mana; Mage – 30 Mana; Rogue – 10 Mana; Ranger – 20 Mana.
- Added text to the class selection page to clarify these differences between the classes.

Other Changes
- Slightly increased the spawn rate of monsters at all difficulty levels except Insanity Mode.
- Changed the game display size slightly so that the actual play area (excluding HUD) is a square.

- Added Mini-Map that displays the room layout of the dungeon level (light blue), the player's position (green), the location of the stairs down (neon pink) and stairs up (faded pink), and the location of chests (yellow) and locked chests (orange). Finally, every 3 levels, the boss monster will be displayed as a red dot.

- Added descriptions to the items in the merchant's shop, so you know what you are buying and what it will do.


Tower of Non v203B.swf Play in browser
May 17, 2017
Tower of Non v203B.swf.zip 4 MB
May 17, 2017

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