Beta Version Up!

We finally have a working Beta! The following features are included in the current version (2.0):

- Endless procedurally generated dungeon

- Permadeath! Get as far as you can!

- 4 hero classes, each with a distinct style of play

- 6 different character portraits for each class, with matching character sprites

- 13 unique monsters, including 3 elite bosses

- Lock and Key system that requires you to defeat an elite monster every 3 levels in order to progress

- 40 different Lore fragments that drop randomly throughout the dungeon

- 12 different powerups to enhance your character (dropped from monsters, and found inside chests and destructible objects)

- Merchants that sell powerups for coins (collected throughout the dungeon); a merchant is currently guaranteed to spawn every 4 levels

- NPCs that provide extra lore

- 4 different difficulty levels to customize your play experience

Things still to come (hopefully):

- Tweaking stats for better game balance

- More tilesets so the dungeon will change randomly as you progress

- Improved controls (or maybe even custom?)

- More monsters!

- More NPC sprites

- More environment graphics

Play the game and leave feedback. We really appreciate it!



Infinite Rogue 201.swf 4 MB
May 11, 2017
Infinite Rogue 4 MB
May 11, 2017

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