Update – Beta 2.05 and 2.06

Double Update!

Beta 2.06
- Added 2 new enemy types
- Added a new boss type
- Reduced the splash damage from the Mage’s Power Attack
- Fixed a bug that caused the Warrior’s Power Attack to trigger its hit sound effect multiple times

Beta 2.05
- Made separate monster lists for each tileset. The goal here is for each dungeon type to feel unique. As of now, there are not enough monster types to really pull this off, but as I add new monster types, the different dungeon settings will start to feel more different.
- Made it so that you never see the same dungeon setting twice in a row.
- Added 10 new lore fragments.
- Increased the number of hit points each class gains upon leveling up. Warrior: 20 (up from 10); Mage: 10 (up from 6); Ranger and Rogue: 15 (up from 8).


Tower of Non vB206.swf.zip 4 MB
Jun 06, 2017
Tower of Non vB206.swf 4 MB
Jun 06, 2017

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